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31.01.2013     Experimental-physicist position in CERN's PH department
The CERN PH Department has an open position for an experimental physicist. For more details, see here.

31.01.2013     ISOLTRAP article on 82Zn on the front cover of latest Physical Review Letters
The 2011 result by ISOLTRAP on the mass of 82Zn, using the full ISOLDE know-how in targets and ion sources and ISOLTRAP's new MR-TOF trap, appeared on the cover of the latest issue of Physical Review Letters and was already described in Science News.

21.01.2013     Looking for good candidates for a CERN PhD at ISOLDE - fixed decay station
In the upcoming PhD selection committee ISOLDE has a chance of getting a PhD student to work on the fixed decay station at ISOLDE. The deadline for applications is March 5th with the contract starting date in September 2013. Interested candidates should apply via the CERN job website and should in addition send an email to Maria Garcia Borge. More details are available here.

21.01.2013     ISOLDE in the latest CERN Bulletin
Three articles on ISOLDE have appeared in the latest CERN bulletin. These feature ISOLTRAP's MR-TOF, Tb isotopes for therapy, and ISOLDE rarest isotopes. Find the details: here.

02.12.2012     INTC deadlines in 2013: May 29 and September 25
In 2013 there will be only two INTC meetings: on June 26 Wednesday - 27 Thursday (submission deadline: May 29 Wednesday) and October 23 Wednesday - 24 Thursday (submission deadline: September 25 Wednesday). Both  will be open to the Letters of Intent and Proposals for ISOLDE low-energy experiments and for the 1st stage of HIE-ISOLDE, i.e. beams with up to 5.5 MeV.A for A/q=4.5 beams, and Letters of Clarification, Technical Design Reports, etc.
Please use document templates available at the INTC website and an submit the documents online.

02.12.2012     ISOLDE workshop final programme and deadline on December 5
The ISOLDE workshop programme is now final and can be accessed online. The registration deadline is this Wednesday, December 5th. Please register before that date if you plan to attend even some of the sessions (e.g. the ISOLDE technical sessions). To register after that date you'll have to contact Jenny and you will need to provide all required data by email, so please try to avoid this option.
29.11.2012     ISOLDE electricity and cooling water after proton stop
After the protons to ISOLDE stop on December 17th, electricity and cooling water will be available in the following periods:
-electricity: on until around Feb 20th (except planned emergency stops on Dec 19th at 7AM); from Feb 25th to mid/end March electricity will be severely perturbed due to connections for HIE-Isolde. From April onwards there can be occasional power cuts, but these should be know with several days of notice.
-water: on until December 20th then back after Christmas until end of February. We don't have concrete info beyond this date.
31.10.2012     ISOLDE schedule until shutdown released
The ISOLDE schedule covering the last period before CERN Long Shutdown is now available. It reflects the prolongation of the running period until December 17th, as well as the recent GPS problem which required shifting most GPS runs to HRS.

14.09.2012     ISOLDE-workshop call for abstracts open  - submission deadline on Oct 28
ISOLDE PHYSICS WORKSHOP AND USERS MEETING will be held on December 17-19 at CERN. Please submit a title of your contribution and short abstract by October 28th, via the workshop website . For more details, see also here.

14.09.2012     ISOLDE experiments featured in Bulletin and Press
The COLLAPS results on beta-NMR for biophysics gave the cover article in the latest CERN Bulletin, followed by an article about CRIS and their summer student. At the same time, the upcoming semi-offline experiment on 44Ti was already featured in British press.

13.09.2012     Upcoming workshops on new ISOLDE instrumentation October 2012
Three workshops will be organised at CERN and in UK in October 2012 to discuss the physics opportunities connected to future experimental installations: permanent decay-spectroscopy station, HELIOS spectrometer, and TSR storage ring. For more details, please visit our ISOLDE Worshops section.
13.09.2012     ISOLDE access to protons until Dec 17th confirmed
The availability of CERN protons for ISOLDE until Dec 17th has been confirmed this week. The period of Dec 1-17 is reserved for priority experiments which encountered problems earlier in the year.

23.08.2012     TSR@ISOLDE workshop  - October 29 - 30 at ISOLDE
Following the accptance of the TSR at ISOLDE project by the CERN management, a 1.5 day workshop will be organised at ISOLDE to discuss the physics opportunities. More details will follow soon.

20.06.2012     INTC call for HIE-ISOLDE proposals released - deadline on Wednesday, October 3rd
The INTC call for HIE-ISOLDE stage-1 proposals only has been released, with the deadline of Wednesday, 3 October, at noon.  As the CERN accelerator complex will be closed through 2013 and part of 2014, this call is restricted to full proposals that will exploit post-accelerated beams from the first stage of HIE-ISOLDE (up to 5.5 MeV.A for A/q=4.5 beams), to be commissioned in 2014. The beam specifications are available here. Please contact us in case of additional questions.
Please use the online submission and if you don’t have a CERN account, you should register your external email as login by following “Create/Check your account” link at the bottom of the login page. The documents should use the MS Word or LaTeX template and should be maximum 6 pages long, including references (using the font size and line spacing from the template). In addition, the safety appendix should be also filled in.
The submitted documents will be discussed at the meeting on 31Oct-1 Nov. A dedicated call for low-energy proposals will be made in 2013. 

20.06.2012     Best student award for Lino M. Pereira from the emission channeling team
Lino M. Pereira, a Leuven PhD student, received an award for the best student presentation in the recent conference on magnetism, which included emission channeling results obtained at ISOLDE. More info can be found here.

15.05.2012     ISOLDE posters win at EURORIB
Two of CERN PhD students working at ISOLDE, Kara and Sebastian, were selected to present their work as posters at a recent CERN meeting, which was covered by the CERN Bulletin. In addition, three posters on ISOLDE work, by Valentina, Thomas, and again Sebastian, won the poster competition at the EURORIB conference near Padova.

07.06.2012    Unmatched ISOLDE yields of 6He published
The details of high production yields of 6He, using neutron spallation on BeO target has been recently published in ELP and will appear in Europhysics News.

15.05.2012     ISOLDE Newsletter
The 2012 ISOLDE Newsletter is now online.

10.05.2012     ISOLDE schedule online
The ISOLDE schedule for June-August is now available online. The schedule until November 29 will be released before the middle of July.

10.05.2012     ISOLDE publication list updated
The list of ISOLDE publications has been updated. It now includes many publications since August 2011.

03.05.2012     ISOLDE schedule for June-August released
The ISOLDE schedule for June-August is now final. The experiments running in this period have been informed of the details and the pdf version is under preparation.

30.04.2012     India joins the ISOLDE collaboration
On April 18th India officially joined the ISOLDE Collaboration, thus becoming the first non-European country in the Collaboration. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Kolkata, following a 3-day India-ISOLDE workshop, where many discussions on present and future experiments took place, with emphasis on the planned involvement of Indian scientists. A summary can be found in the latest ISOLDE Bulletin.

30.04.2012     Good start for ISOLDE
The first month of ISOLDE physics was rather successful. Physics started with COLLAPS run on neutron-rich Ca isotopes, studies up to 52Ca. The next target broke down just before physics, but a back-up target allowed commissioning the spectroscopy setup to be used for the run, let ISOLTRAP test mass measurements in their MR-TOF (multi-reflection time of flight setup), gave samples for calibration of the high-precision Ge detector of the Bordeaux group, and finally allowed further online tests with the new diffusion chamber at GLM. The last two targets have been used successfully by COLLAPS to investigate the most exotic neutron-deficient and neutron-rich Cd isotopes. The first REX run will follow.

04.04.2012     ISOLTRAP results and ISOLDE activities featured in CERN Courier and Bulletin
The offline ISOLTRAP measurement relevant for the neutrinoless double-beta decay has been featured in the News Section of the latest CERN Courier. Furthermore, the latest CERN bulletin includes an article on the CERN Project to produce medical radioisotopes at ISOLDE, led by Thierry Stora.

02.04.2012     The first 2012 protons impinged on an ISOLDE target
This weekend protons have impinged on an ISOLDE target for the first time this year. The target was Ta-GdB6 and it was used successfully to produce laser-ionised Sm beams with isobar suppression using the low work-function ionising cavity made of GdB6. We are presently preparing for the physics run on HRS.

09.03.2012     How to register at CERN and get access to ISOLDE
The "Access to ISOLDE" section now includes a short flow chart summarising how to register as a user, get a CERN dosimeter, and finally get access to ISOLDE. Please remind your colleagues to prepare these steps in advance, in order to spare them problems and frustration when they arrive at CERN.

09.03.2012     First part of ISOLDE schedule ready
The first part of ISOLDE is now ready. Due to many constraints in the first weeks of running, including Easter Holiday and very few experiments being ready to run, the schedule ends on June 6. The second part until mid/end of August will be issued at the beginning of April, once ISOLDE starts the online operation.

02.03.2012      GENCO prize for T.E. Cocolios
On Thursday, March 1st, Thomas Elias Cocolios, currently a CERN Research Fellow at ISOLDE, was presented with the GENCO Award for his outstanding scientific achievements, including extensive studies of shape coexistence at ISOLDE. Congratulations!

20.02.2012      RILIS participates in a EU-funded research network: positions open!
The RILIS team is part of a new EU project LA³NET, aiming at exploring the use of laser technology in particle beam generation, acceleration and diagnostics. Positions are now open to the early state researchers. for more details, see here.

20.02.2012      Miniball results on 96Kr published in Physical Review Letters
The recent Miniball results on the short-lived 96Kr have been just published as a Physical Review Letter.

30.01.2012      10 years of REX featured in the CERN Courier
The 10-year anniversary of REX-ISOLDE has been covered in the last issue of the CERN Courier.

30.01.2012      Agenda of the February INTC meeting
We the agenda of the upcoming INTC meeting, at which the record 34 documents will be discussed, can be found here.

05.01.2012      Contributions to the ISOLDE Newsletter 2012: deadline on February 21st
We are looking for contributions to the ISOLDE newsletter 2012, especially from IS experiments that were running in 2011. Of course other status reports and technical reports are also welcome. If you are interested, please send your text (not more than 2 pages, 12pt) and figures until Tuesday, February 21st, 2012. If possible, use Microsoft WORD and paste the figures into the file. The contributions should be send to the ISOLDE secretariat.

05.01.2012      INTC deadline: today
The if you wish to submit a proposal, letter of intent, or an addendum for an ISOLDE experiment with some chance of running in 2012 (April 2- December 2), today is the last day. Use the template and follow the online submission - more info at the INTC website.


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